Lynx Microgravity Separator – A separator that works in Space

Lynx Space Separator
Microgravity Separation

The final frontier will require efficient separation of liquids, especially for the long haul journeys such as Artemis Space station and extraterrestrial habitats. Living in a gravity well has unwittingly determined virtually all of humankind separation designs:  Once liquid is captured from the gas stream, gravity was always the only option to collect it.

Enter the Lynx Microgravity Separator where we decided to step outside the bounds of gravity and not take current constraints for granted. With the new design we are able to both capture, and collect, all liquids in any gas, regardless of volume amount and composition. The efficiency is 100%, size 75% less than current state of art and is in operation in industrial applications from cleaning of ships exhaust, to oil emissions in contact-free compressor gaskets and grease separation from restaurant kitchen ventilation. The design is ready for the next verification steps and we are reaching out to space organisations for collaboration.

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