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Our goal is to reduce the required footprint for oil and gas processing. Conventional static separation systems require large volumes. With the Lynx system, significant savings are possible in both weight and size.

An optimal design provides reliability and simple maintenance.

Lynx is designed around a rotating filter that removes liquid droplets from the gas stream. The rotation allows for faster removal of liquid. As a result there is no clogging and no extra pressure drop over the process.

InnSep partner/royalty opportunities

Our separator system is currently in use with existing Norwegian partners partners for cleaning of EGR in ships, kitchen ventilation air and compressed air for seismic operations. We are expanding internationally and are open for new partners representing market access.

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Black Carbon, the new health risk

The Lynx Separator removes liquids from gas and black carbon particles from combustion. The technology could greatly reduce shipping emissions. Read more in The Explorer by Innovation Norway, the showroom for Norwegian green and sustainable solutions.

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Lynx EGR open for international customers

Lynx EGR for cleaning the exhaust for EGR systems (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is now available for international customers. The Lynx is an efficient cleaner that removes all liquid and a percentage of dry carbon particles from the flow. Most modern

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InnSep AS is a spinout from the Department of Energy and Process Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. The company was established in 2011 to develop a scalable and flexible gas/liquid separator (Lynx) for removing droplets from a gas stream.
In 2011 the Lynx concept was awarded several innovation awards and was funded by Innovation Norway, NTNU Discovery Fund, SMN1 Startstøtte and Norwegian Research Council to develop and test the full scale prototype. The underlying concept in Lynx was successfully tested with hydrocarbons up to 60bars in CEESI, USA, in 2012. At the moment, Lynx is being qualified for offshore equipment in DEMO2000 financed project with Statoil ASA in Norway. Our target is to qualify for both retrofit and new installations.
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Scalable and flexible


Lynx is designed around a rotating filter that removes liquid droplets from the gas stream.


Don't hesitate to contact us about any questions or thoughts about our technology.

The Team

Sondre K Jacobsen


MSc. Marine Technology, Oil & Gas, NTNU

Roar S. Andersen

MSc Chemical Process Engineering, Norwegian institute of technology (NTH) Former Senior Vice President of R&D, Statoil, Vice President Operations, Statoil and Executive Vice president SINTEF.
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