InnSep partner/royalty opportunities

Our separator system is currently in use with existing Norwegian partners partners for cleaning of EGR in ships, kitchen ventilation air and compressed air for seismic operations. We are expanding internationally and are open for new partners representing market access.

We are currently considering partnerships for:

  • Lynx Kitchen for Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland
  • Lynx Compressed Air for Europe (Removal of liquids before and after compressors)
  • Lynx Oil&Gas, Norwegian Continental Shelf and internationally
  • Lynx Chemical, separation of harsh chemicals from production gases from various industries.

Lynx Separator has 50-70% less volume and footprint of any comparable gas/liquid separators and we are able to separate droplets sizes down to 0,3 micron with low pressure drop. It can be used in any application where liquids are required to be removed from gas.

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