Lynx is designed around a rotating filter that removes liquid droplets from the gas stream. The rotation allows for faster removal of liquid. As a result there is no clogging and no extra pressure drop over the process. An optimal design provides reliability and simple maintenance.

The patented technology allows for the design and functionality to be optimised for a range of applications

  • Compact
  • Low pressure drop
  • Pipe code specifications (< 1,5 m diameter)
  • Swapping internals is quick and problem-free
  • Hermetically sealed, no axis through the housing
  • Can possibly remove sticky substances because of high G-forces
  • Addresses issues with filter swapping

Our goal is to reduce the required footprint for oil and gas processing. Conventional static separation systems require large volumes. With the Lynx system, significant savings are possible in both weight and size.


Handling of high viscous liquids

Pre-compressor specification

Self cleaning