Eagle Burgmann to supply critical components for InnSep AS


Eagle Burgmann Norway is the selected manufacturer of high pressure magnetic couplings for InnSep AS and has continuously improved and optimized the design to comply with the high-precision demands of the Lynx Separator.

CEO of InnSep AS, Sondre Jacobsen, states that «Eagle Burgmann has shown that they are a supplier with a superior ability to develop and engineer innovative and flexible solutions in collaboration with InnSep AS. This has resulted in robust and cost-effective solutions with the added security of having only one vendor to manufacture and qualify our magnetic couplings, bearings and motor control units»

Lynx CFD Project


The CFD Analysis Project of the Lynx Separation Process was successfully completed with satisfactory results. The project was performed in cooperation with Complex Flow Design AS and supported by the RFFMIDT program. 

Innovation Norway Global Markets Survey


InnSep successfully participated and completed a global market introduction survey to assess the financial potential of the Lynx Separator. The report confirmed the key challenges within gas/liquid separation and geographically quantified the value propositions for operators using Lynx Separator. The Global Markets Surveys project is funded by Innovation Norway in order to accelerate the international deployment of Norwegian based technology. To learn more about how Lynx Separator can solve and reduce your gas/liquid separation challenges and costs, contact InnSep and request a contact person.