Visit InnSep at Techinnovation conference, Singapore.

InnSep is showcasing the Lynx separator at the Techinnovation conference in Singapore at stand B052 in the Technology Providers section. The stand is arranged in co-operation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to showcase emerging and innovative technologies from Norway.

InnSep participation at Techinnovation 2014 in Singapore

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Techinnovation 2014 is the largest industry-technology matching event organized by IPI Singapore that brings together local and international seekers and providers of new technologies and innovative solutions.

Techinnovation 2014 is the largest industry-technology matching event organized by IPI Singapore that brings together local and international seekers and providers of new technologies and innovative solutions.

InnSep AS is participating as the showcase technology from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science and will be present with a stand 22nd to 24th September. For licensing or investment opportunities, contact InnSep AS directly to request a meeting.

Eagle Burgmann to supply critical components for InnSep AS


Eagle Burgmann Norway is the selected manufacturer of high pressure magnetic couplings for InnSep AS and has continuously improved and optimized the design to comply with the high-precision demands of the Lynx Separator.

CEO of InnSep AS, Sondre Jacobsen, states that «Eagle Burgmann has shown that they are a supplier with a superior ability to develop and engineer innovative and flexible solutions in collaboration with InnSep AS. This has resulted in robust and cost-effective solutions with the added security of having only one vendor to manufacture and qualify our magnetic couplings, bearings and motor control units»

Lynx CFD Project


The CFD Analysis Project of the Lynx Separation Process was successfully completed with satisfactory results. The project was performed in cooperation with Complex Flow Design AS and supported by the RFFMIDT program. 

Innovation Norway Global Markets Survey


InnSep successfully participated and completed a global market introduction survey to assess the financial potential of the Lynx Separator. The report confirmed the key challenges within gas/liquid separation and geographically quantified the value propositions for operators using Lynx Separator. The Global Markets Surveys project is funded by Innovation Norway in order to accelerate the international deployment of Norwegian based technology. To learn more about how Lynx Separator can solve and reduce your gas/liquid separation challenges and costs, contact InnSep and request a contact person.

Project partnership with MAROFF and INVENTAS to develop Exhaust Scrubber Systems

InnSep has partnered with INVENTAS AS and the Maritime activities and offshore operations (MAROFF) program to investigate use of Lynx Separator in the ships to compact the SOx and NOx removal from the exhaust.

Currently there are around 50,000 vessels sailing the seven seas that altogether consume about 370 million tons of heavy fuel oil a year. The sulfur content in the exhaust gases of ships should be reduced from
3.5 percent at present to 0.5 percent by the year 2020 according to the International Maritime Organization (IMO). As of 2015, there will even be a limit of 0.1 percent in the North Sea. This is a significant problem for many tankers, freighters and other types of vessels that operate in this region. This limit has already applied to all European ports since 2010. To comply, many will have to be converted to other fuels at great expense. A less expensive, but just as effective alternative is retrofitting with scrubbers (exhaust gas cleaning devices).

Shipping companies have already responded to the new and coming regulations. When new ships are built, therefore, the owners either attempt to do without heavy fuel oil or to equip them with scrubbers. However, for all vessels currently in operation on the seven seas it would be expensive and, in some cases, even impossible to convert them to other fuels. In this case it would be economically more efficient to retrofit them with a scrubber. The best performing scrubbers consumes 2-3% of the total engine power and can occupy volumes of up to 10 meters in height and 2-4 meters in diameter per exhaust line. To improve the effectiveness of the scrubbing process, it is suggested to pilot an installation of the Lynx Separator that is currently developed for Oil & Gas applications. The Lynx separator is 50% more compact in weight and volume and has less of the drawbacks of the conventional scrubber technology.

Reference information:
USEPA Report on Exhaust Scrubber Washwater Effluent
Maritime Cluster North Germany report on choosing Exhaust Scrubber Systems

InnSep YouTube channel

We have a channel on YouTube dedicated for videos of InnSep that explains the Lynx Separator technology and how it solves processing challenges. The videos are subtitled, it is possible to choose subtitle in the menu of the player.


InnSep YouTube channel

InnSep homepages

Our homepages will be updated with our latest technical developments and industrial applications. Please feel free to contact us with specific questions that are not covered in our FAQ section.

Prof. Carlos Dorao – Excellence in research

Our CTO, Professor Carlos Dorao, was new profiled in the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen 12.02.2014. The article profiles the researchers regarded as the «sharpest minds» in the Norwegian research community.

Faksimile of the article: