Oppføringer av Sondre Jacobsen

High pressure testing successfully completed and verified

The Lynx 250 gas/liquid separator performed as expected, confirming the efficiency and K-factor up to 90 bar. Test series were performed with variations in gas/liquid ratios and flow speeds at the Statoil High Pressure test facilities at Rotvoll, Trondheim, in Norway. The liquid ratios were tested from smallest amount to the maximum amount possible within the rig capacity. […]

InnSep congratulates the NTNU Discovery Fund with 5 years of success

NTNU Discovery is the idea-funding mechanism generated by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to fund early phase ideas and innovations. InnSep was the first recipient of funding in 2011 when the fund was established, and enabled InnSep to develop and perform the first full scale hydrocarbon testing of the Lynx Separator principle. […]

Financial crisis and the role of innovation

  Sondre Jacobsen (CEO InnSep AS, far left) in the NTNU laboratories discussing the challenges of bridging the gap between basic research and commercial applications of clean technology with Johan Hustad (Pro-Rector for Innovation at NTNU, far right) and Tore Sandvik (County Mayor, second from right). Picture courtesy of NTNU   The economic downturn has […]

Filtering the Fumes – InnSep AS talks about filtering emissions from ships

This editorial will be published in the forthcoming Pan European Networks publication «Government 17», www.paneuropeannetworks.com in February/March 2016 but is presented for reading advance on the InnSep.com homepage.   The importance of filtering the emissions from ship exhausts for a greener, renewable future in shipping Profile The source of pollution is the use of resources, mixing and combustion and […]

InnSep profiled in Pan European Networks 2015/16 publication

The Pan European Networks publications provide relevant and up to date information for the use of the European Commission and all government agencies and departments across the continent of Europe. In the Government section, issue no. 16 published today, a section is dedicated to clean transport and maritime affairs, considering issues such as the blue Economy, reducing […]

Lynx Kitchen – Lynx Separator for foodservice industry

InnSep AS has started R&D process for tailoring the The Lynx Separation system to solve the problems of cooking grease and residue building up in ventilation ducts and systems in the food service industry. The industry is facing stricter air quality regulations due to the type of contaminated air produced by cooking food. Without an air […]

Developing the Lynx Separator for Cleaning Ship Emissions

Oil Marketing & Trading International magazine profiled the Lynx Separation system for cleaning of Ships Exhaust in their news update. The article is more in-depth and covers the development stages of the technology and how the R&D is focused on achieving solutions to meet the challenges of the new emission standards. Currently, as many as 60 […]

A new spin on liquid-gas separation

The InnSep Lynx Separator is profiled in an of the October issue of Chemical Engineering magazine under the title «A new spin on liquid-gas separation», written by Gerald Ondrey : http://www.chemengonline.com/new-spin-liquid-gas-separation/    

Lynx successfully cleans diesel exhaust gas

  Exhaust buildup that was deposited in an exhaust pipe from an unsuccessful scrubbing system was collected from an offshore site. The solids and particles were diluted back into water to produce a contaminated liquid. The liquid was sprayed directly into the Lynx separator, allowing a concentrated stream of liquid to access our filter directly. […]